Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day AND the Stunning Work of Sherrie York

Hey, Kiddos! I hope that you're all properly enjoying the weather we've been getting. I expect to hear all about hot cocoa, snowmen, sledding, and skiing next week in class!

Until then, and because I don't have images to share from this week's art classes, I want to introduce you to the absolutely gorgeous work of a local (Salida) artist, Sherrie York.
Sherrie York, Longing. Reduction linocut, 10 colors.
York is a printmaker, and does a lot of work with linocuts. In the video posted on her blog, she talks about how printmaking involves working backwards (reverse or mirror image). This will seem familiar to many Ceramics students, who have mastered the same technique while making their artist stamps!
Early Snow - Ponderosa Pine by Sherrie York. Reduction linocut, 5 colors.
Inspiration for Sherrie York's art comes from the natural world around her. She credits her ability to pay attention to the small details of nature, and this translates beautifully through her art.
Summer Aspen by Sherrie York. Reduction linocut, 3 colors.
Ms. York creates multiple copies of her linocut prints, known as editions, and this process involves cutting, and then printing, a color from her linoleum block before repeating this process. The number of times she does this is dependent on the number of colors she will ultimately use in her final print.
Sherrie York's Leaf Litter. Reduction linocut, 10 colors.
Students in ATCs, ACEOs, and Art in Miniature will remember our discussion about editions, and how creating multiples of a really good idea, or "editions," is one of the things that separates an ATC from an ACEO.   
Beaver City II-V by Sherrie York. Reduction linocuts, 3 passes, multiple colors.
I hope that you'll take a moment to visit York's website, view her video, and find some inspiration from her words and work. I, for one, feel very inspired, and look forward to experimenting with the reduction linocut technique! 

Have a wonderful week, everyone! I look forward to seeing you all next week in Art Class! Stay warm!


Sherrie Y said...

Hi Robin! Thanks for stopping by Brush and Baren earlier this week to introduce yourself, and thanks for the lovely post. I hope you and your students have a chance to try linocuts... but be careful! They can be rather addictive!

Robin Jamison Hernandez said...

Thank you, Sherrie! Your work is an inspiration. Stay warm! :)