Sunday, January 30, 2011

Memory Wire Glass Bead Bracelets (and More!)

What another fun week! In ATC class, we talked about how, often, organized trades revolve around a particular theme. Students brainstormed to come up with a variety of themes that we could use as inspiration for our little works of art. Following this session, the artists worked hard to create ATCs for the themed trade at the end of class.

Students may remember some of my own ATCs that I shared with the class on the first day and, in particular, some really cool cards that I received recently in the mail. WELL, those cards are the inspiration for a near future project! As soon as I get the "project samples" done up, the secret will be revealed!
In Jewelry Making, we experimented with "memory wire" to create some very beautiful glass bead memory wire bracelets! Wednesday students got a real treat because we started the class with a "show and tell" session led by Miss Rebecca, a very experienced jewelry maker! Needless to say, we were all very impressed. She has promised to share more of her creations in the future.

Students in Ceramics I spent the class period designing and making the "Artist Stamps" that they'll be using throughout the semester. The stamps were whisked off to Woodrow at the end of the week, and will hopefully be fired and returned soon. I'll be sure to post photos when they come back because they are truly works of art in themselves!
Ceramics II students continued work on their masks, and started work on tall vessels. More details on that later!

Artists taking Ceramics III began coiling over the slab portion of their Canopic Jars. The "rules" for this particular assignment:

1. The vessel must be at least 12" tall.
2. Each canopic jar must have a name.
3. Heiroglyphics must be included (may be of the student's own design, or "borrowed" from ancient Egypt).
4. The jar must represent a particular compass direction, and be "protected by" someone.
5. The jar must have a specific purpose.

The students are already coming up with some fantastic ideas! Remember kids: The above 5 "musts" are things you should be thinking about/making notes about at home. By the time your Canopic Jar is complete, you should be able to tell me all about its purpose, etc. 

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