Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scratch Art and Shape ATCs, Canopic Jars, and Safety Pin Jewelry!

Because of the upcoming Registration Week work, I've been remiss in posting updates for the art classes. Here's a brief look at what we've been up to the past couple of weeks:
Scratch art ATCs are always a big hit! Check out some of the clever designs that the students came up with a couple of weeks ago in ATC class:
Students scratched away the black surface to reveal either gold, silver, sparkle blue, or multi-colored sparkle paper beneath. 
Then last week, in the same class, students created ATCs inspired by shape. Using tiny stencils, or drawing freehand, students set about making ATCs with multiple shapes inside.
Students had a choice to make their works representational or abstract. When the drawings were completed, some artists decided to add lightweight, foam shapes on top of their drawings--continuing the theme of shape-inspired work.
Afterward, "trading time" ensued, and some seriously good trades took place!
Ceramics III students are making wonderful progress on their canopic jars! The bodies of the jars are nearly complete, and work on the heads/lids will likely begin this coming week. Following are some "action shots" from class: 
Students began with a slab cylinder, and then added coils. With each new layer, the young artists must first score the surface (and the next coil), and then slip the scores to be sure the next coil will hold. Once the body of the pot reaches 8", it receives a final tweaking and shaping. Looking good! It looks like Alex's pot (below) is about to receive a head-shaped lid!
Jewelry Making students worked on safety pin jewelry, and created some cool designs! For instance . . .
. . . a sail boat and frog (above), and peace sign and flag (below) . . .
. . . and a star and heart (below). Per the students' requests, we'll continue with this same project next week before moving on to something new. 
Thanks so much to Miss Elona for supplying us with everything we need (including patterns!) for this project!

Reminder to all the students and parents: This coming week, March 1st and 2nd, is Registration week! Parents, please arrive to HSC by 1:50 p.m. to get a sneak peek of next year's class offerings, and pick up your registration packet. 

There are some REALLY COOL classes planned for next year! I only wish I was young enough to attend each one! :)

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