Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to Semester 2!

Welcome back, Students and Parents! 
It's 2010 and we've begun our second semester at HSC. 
Our first week of the semester wasn't very 
We mainly got to know each other, and discussed guidelines for classroom behavior, 
with a little bit of art-making on the side.
REAL art begins in the coming week (the final week of January), so be sure to check back here before your first February class to find out what the web challenge holds! I'll also have photos of artworks created by students between January 26th and 28th.
If you've been here before, you know the drill! If not, please go ahead and browse our virtual classroom to see what we did last semester :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Open House & Art Show, Part III: Thursday in Evergreen

Once again, the Art Show was something to see!

Every square inch of every available table was covered (and there were a LOT of tables!). Students in every art class submitted at least one piece, and many had two or more on display.

The works featured here are from 
Drawing & Painting,
Mixed Media, and
Explorations in Art I and II

Today was a bit hectic: Students worked furiously to finish existing works in progress . . .

. . . and many Mixed Media artists started AND finished "found object" sculptures during today's class, from materials they've been gathering the past 6 weeks!

Miss April's Drama and Creative Movement students put on quite a show 
(Hollywood will likely be in touch with a few!)

And Mr. Callahan's Music student's 
entertained us with songs.
Cooking students worked all morning making delicious 
hors d'ouvres and crudite platters.

Miss Becky's Science and Jewelry students also displayed an impressive variety of works. The jewelry boxes and cells really caught my eye, so I couldn't resist getting detail shots (below).

It was a fun and eventful day! 
Now we can all reflect a bit and start gearing up for Semester 2
Remember, kids: Next week we begin All New Classes! 
Have a Great Weekend, and thanks again to all the students for a job well done. You should be proud of yourselves!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Open House & Art Show, Part II: Wednesday, and a Farewell to Friends

Today was a fun-packed and entertaining day, but it was also a bit sad, because we all had to say farewell to Madison and Kyler, who are moving to South Africa. 
Maddie and Kyler, we will miss you!

Every student and teacher at HSC signed a huge going-away card for the two, keeping it a secret until lunch time when the card was presented. There is a very nice and well written article about the siblings in the latest issue of 
HSC News
Be sure to check it out!

Today's images are from the Open House, where we had a great turnout!

Once again, we had live performances of music and acting, and lots of art on display.

As with yesterday's show, the art featured here is from Ceramics I and II
Explorations in Art I and II,

And Art from Paper!

Ceramics II students helped to set up the table display, and students in the other art classes chose "the perfect spot" on the wall for their 2-dimensional work. 
Great job, everyone!

Young chefs in the culinary arts class (a.k.a. Cooking) prepared scrumptious treats for the attendees of today's event, and I managed to snap a few photos before the food evaporated (it went very quickly!) :)

I also managed to get some photos of the very impressive Science and Legos displays!

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for highlights of the Thursday Open House & Art Show at HSC Evergreen!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Open House & Art Show, Part I: Tuesday

Can you believe that this week marks 
the end of the first semester
It sure went by quickly! Because of the amount of work generated this semester, and because each day has their own open house and art show, I thought it appropriate to give each day their own posting here. This is just a small sampling of the work done in class. Remember that most of it has been taken home over that past several weeks :)

Students have been working hard all semester, creating beautiful and unique works of art
Today I asked each young artist to pick a good spot in the classroom to display their art. Each work was appropriately labeled with the artist's name, title, and medium.

While 2-dimensional works covered most of one wall, 
the 3-D works were displayed in the center of the room. 
The artwork represented in today's posting comes from a variety of classes: 
Explorations in Art (I and II), 
Art from Paper

. . . And Ceramics I and II.

Our Open House began with musical performances by Mr. Callahan's classes, and were followed by followed by dramatic and creative movement performances from Mr. Hugo's classes. 

Afterward, parents & students (and teachers!) enjoyed delicious, freshly made goodies, compliments of Miss Stacy's cooking classes, while perusing some amazing science and lego projects created in Miss Becky's classroom . . .

. . . And let us not forget the creative writing projects from Miss Nancy's class. Another special treat was the latest edition of the HSC Newspaper! Inside is a very nice article about Miss Shannon, who recently delivered a beautiful baby girl (Grace Lee), along with another article to mentioned tomorrow :)

So, clearly, the creative talent at HSC doesn't end in the Art Room! It was such a fun day--so many interesting things to see, beautiful music, yummy baked goods, and side-splitting performances :)

Be sure to come back tomorrow for photos of the Wednesday Art Show!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

End of 1st Semester, and Web Challenge Winners!

This past week students in every class began preparations for the end of the semester, and for Art Show entries.

Remember that the 
Art Show is this coming week, so if I've asked you to bring something in for the show, please do!

The images here are from our final December 2009 classes. 
In each class, each day, we created 
art from recycled materials!

The beautiful "tondo" works featured in today's post were created from junk mail CDs. Students worked hard to create these gorgeous little works of art.

The shiny side was left as is, so that it can reflect light! 
Just imagine how beautiful these look, 
catching and bouncing light around students' homes! 
Great work, Everyone!

And speaking of great work . . . it's time to announce the winners of the 1st semester web challenges. I'd planned to hand out 1st and 2nd place prizes for each day (Tuesday through Thursday, which is 6 prizes total), but only the Tuesday and Wednesday students chose to participate.

Therefore, I'll combine both days (Tuesday and Wednesday) as one big group, and there will be 6 winners over the two days combined. The prizes will be awarded based on the number of web challenges completed by each student. This seemed the fairest way to hand out prizes. 

So, with no further ado, the winners are:
1st Prize: Keith (Wednesday)
2nd Prize: Parker (Wednesday)
3rd Prize: Tavia (Wednesday)
4th Prize: Morgan (Wednesday)
5th Prize: Diego (Tuesday)
6th Prize: Roman (Tuesday)
So, beginning with Keith, and going down the list, each student will decide which prize is theirs.
Following is a photo of the ART prizes, along with a brief description :)

(The ruler is there for scale only)
Cow Parade, New York: The Cows, The Artists, The Spectacle, (book) by Thomas Craughwell
Cat Figurine, carved from lapis lazuli 
Native Inspiration, pinch pot (ceramic)
Green Bird Whistle, ceramic and acrylic paint
Woo-Hoo, Boo-Hoo Bear (finger puppet), ceramic and acrylic paint
Cat Figurine, carved from agate
Thanks to all students who participated in the web challenges! Be sure to participate again next semester!
Once the 1st through 4th prizes have been awarded (on Wednesday), I'll bring what's left the following Tuesday for the 5th and 6th prize winners. Congratulations again to all the winners! Great job!