Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You're Invited To . . .

Join me and attend the 
Brighton City Hall Grand Opening
Dedication & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Friday, Oct 14, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.
500 South 4th Ave, Brighton CO

Daydream, Acrylic on Canvas, 36"x36", $600 (framed)
While there, you'll have an opportunity to support your local artist and your community. I'm honored to be among 21 area artists who have been chosen to provide art for the Grand Opening event.
Peace, Limited Edition Linocut, 11"x9" 
$60 unframed, or $85 matted & framed
Artworks will be displayed through January 15, 2012, and most works will be for sale with 15% of the proceeds going to the Brighton Eye for Art Program.
Self Portrait in Cool & Warm, Oil on Canvas, 20"x16", $140 (framed)
The program supports local artists and public art:  The 15% goes back into the program and is used to purchase art for this beautifully renovated building. It's a win-win :)
A Fly on the Wall, Mixed Media on Canvas, 40"x31"
$650, gallery-wrapped canvas
Artists featured during this opening event include: Ron Ames, Kim Degnegaard, Diane DeVries, Edward Erhmann, Ginger Emery, Marina Galasso, Ron Gerbrandt, Dean Glorso, Walter Hawn, Alex Kleidon, Melissa Koons, Sherry Seltzer-Kreutzer, Kathy Lechman, Sandie Mackenzie, William Nicol, Michael Sanderson, Nina Nagel-Ramser, Delia Casas-Valdevida, Holly Weipz, David Wells, and Robin Jamison-Hernandez.
Love, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36"x24", $330 (framed)
Mediums include photography, works on canvas, and prints, and there is art to suit every taste.
Eye Portraits, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36"x36", NFS
This would be a fantastic opportunity to purchase gifts for the upcoming holidays, or to find just the right piece of art for your home or office.  And, while you're there, you'll get a chance to meet the artist :)
Mandala (Float), Acrylic on Canvas, 40"x31"
$550, gallery-wrapped canvas
Whenever I purchase art, I enjoy chatting with the artist, learning about their process, and asking questions about what inspired a particular work. It can be a great learning process.
Kahlo Tree, Linocut & Monoprint, 12"x12"
$60 unframed, or $85 matted & framed
To learn more about the City of Brighton's Eye for Art Program, contact the director, Laurie Maier.