Saturday, February 12, 2011

Animalitos, Masks, and Necklaces!

In Ceramics I this past week we worked on Animalitos! Following is a photo from Tuesday with some very cute little animalitos, star-itos, and even a cake-ito :)
In Ceramics II, work continued on masks. The photos featured here (above and below) are of unfired works, but since it takes a while for us to receive our fired goods back from WWA, I wanted to include something here to represent that great work that's happening in the Ceramics classes. Hopefully, soon, we'll have the artist stamps back so that I can show you what many of the students have been up to. 
Ceramics III students continue their work on Canopic Jars, and are making great progress! 
Jewelry students worked on necklaces this past week, and came up with some really pretty designs!
This is just a small sample of what happened in class. Rebecca's star necklace (above) is still a work-in-progress, but so pretty (as is!) that I couldn't resist taking a photo :)
Alecia used a very limited color palette--black, white, clear crystal, and apple green--in keeping with the colors of the charm on her necklace. What a fantastic design decision!

We had quite a few students out sick (or snowed in??) this past week. Be sure to show up this coming week, though, especially if you're in the ATC class! You'll find out why when I post photos next week!

See you in class! Stay warm & dry!

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