Thursday, January 13, 2011

1st Semester Art Show!

Following are some highlights from the end-of-semester Art Show. These photos show a sampling of work done in ATCs, ACEOs, and Art in Miniature; Explorations in Art (I and II); and Ceramics (I and II). If I can get some photos from Miss Heather from her Mixed Media classes, I'll be sure to post them here as well. Enjoy!
Above: Detail shot of some of the "mini mandalas" that students made in ATCs, ACEOs, and Art in Miniature.
When we studied TEXTURE in Explorations in Art, students went on a "field trip" around the school to find texture, and then took rubbings with crayon. Thanks, Alesia, for this beautiful work (above)!
Miss Elona saved the day when she drove over to WWA to pick up ceramics that were just coming out of the kiln. Thanks, E! You Rock! :)
Because of the number of students in the art program, the number of classes, and the limited display area, students were asked to pick their "one best work" for display in the show. First hour ATC students displayed their favorite ATCs on a sheet of paper, along with the "mini mandalas" they made earlier in the semester.
LIGHT AND SHADOW was just one of the topics we covered in Explorations in Art. Kaelyn demonstrates his mastery of this lesson (above). Great work, Kaelyn!
More mini mandalas. These little jewels measure about 3 inches in diameter, and my photos don't do them justice!
Emily beautifully illustrates her knowledge of PERSPECTIVE, another topic we covered in Explorations! Great work, Emily!
The calm before the proverbial storm (above). It must have been a record turnout this year!
Keith combined the lessons of SURREALISM and ABSTRACTION when he created the artwork above, which can be viewed from two different perspectives. The work is called 
Trees? Or Giant's Feet?
Brilliant, Keith!
More mini mandalas!
Ceramics I artist Matthew is more than ready for Ceramics II! Techniques shown (and mastered!) here include pinch, slab, and carving. Great work, Matthew!
PORTRAITS and SELF PORTRAITS, another lesson from Explorations in Art, was beautifully mastered by Elisabeth (self portrait above). Great work, Elisabeth!
Other topics covered in Explorations include LINE, COLOR, BALANCE, SYMMETRY, SHAPE, FORM . . .
Still more Mini Mandalas! :)
Student portfolios, works of art in themselves, were also displayed for the Art Show! 
During our study of MURALS, students worked together to create a class mural (detail above). They worked so well together! 
Great work, EVERYONE!
Ceramics II artist Forest appreciates the beauty of clay, and chose to use only clear glaze on his works (below). I agree, Forest, the natural color of clay is absolutely beautiful! Great work!
ATC artist Ben displayed five of his favorite Artist Trading Cards in the Art Show. Don't you just love his intense colors and sense of design? Great work, Ben! 
Okay, I have to admit: I'm really taken with the little mandalas:
Hence, the number of photos here! :)
Braden really plunged into the lesson on ABSTRACTS, and created Lone Turtle (above). Beautiful work, Braden!
More great work from the Tuesday Ceramics I students! I apologize to ALL of the students in the Wednesday Ceramics classes because, in my rush to set everything up, I neglected to get any photos of your work.  
However, I do have this photo of a work by Ike, a candle holder that he made for me (in my favorite color!), that I took here at home (above). Beautiful work, Isaac! And thank you again for this wonderful gift!
Above is Rylee's mastery of miniature collage and mixed media, called Best Buy (on left), and Alex's mini mandala (right), called Gum Ball Machine. Fantastic work, you two!
I'd like to thank all of the art students for a fantastic semester! The Art Show was a huge success. Thanks, also, to all the parents who turned out for the show. It was great to talk with you about your child's work. Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and get ready for another REALLY FUN semester filled with ART and creative activity! Next semester's line-up includes:
ATCs, ACEOs, and Art in Miniature
Jewelry Making
Ceramics I
Ceramics II (prerequisite = Ceramics I)
Ceramics III (prerequisite = Ceramics II)
Drawing and Painting (with Miss Heather)
Everyday Artists (with Miss Heather)

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