Thursday, January 20, 2011

Second Semester Begins!

What a week! Second semester began this past week, and we have a fun lineup of classes to finish out the school year.
Jewelry Making students made simple stretchy-string bracelets. The "challenge" was for students to work within a limited color palette (or family), and some of the bracelets were inspired by the fabric on students' clothes. This low-pressure, laid back project gave students a chance to get to know each other, while honing their dexterity skills. Tying stretchy-string into a knot can be very challenging, and all students were encouraged to practice their knot-tying skills at home in the coming weeks.
Ceramics I students learned about the (sometimes temperamental!) qualities of clay, and spent quite a bit of time exploring the tools that they'll use in class. We discussed the handbuilding methods we'll use this semester, and looked at some project samples from each method. A reminder to students and parents: Every ceramic artist will need their own "work shirt" to use throughout the semester. This shirt will remain at HSC until we break for summer, and should be an old, over-sized T-shirt--one that you're okay with getting ruined. Clay will stain clothes, and a work shirt is necessary to protect school clothes. Please bring your shirt to class next week!
Ceramics II students began working with moulds this past week. Their first project will be a mask, and the challenge is to make the mask either a self-portrait, or an interesting, decorative mask that uses mixed media. Students rolled out slabs, cut to size, and then pressed them into moulds--a form that will be the starting off point for the project. The artists will significantly alter the moulded clay to create their own, original designs.
Ceramics III students will start the semester combining the methods of slab, coil, and pinch to make vessels inspired by the canopic jars of ancient Egypt. Students may decide to go with "authentic" looking jars, though they were encouraged to create a top (head) that holds meaning for them as individuals.
The photo (above) from Remodelista Daily shows an interesting and decorative way to display your artist trading cards.
Portfolios were the #1 project for students in ATCs, ACEOs, and Art in Miniature class. Each young artist created a portfolio to house their work (and their trades!) for second semester. Once this was done, students were given a stack of ATC blanks and they set about making their first set of Artist Trading Cards. We used the last 15 minutes of class for trading time, and I can testify that some serious trading was going on in class!
Detail of photo from Remodelista Daily: ATCs framed behind glass and displayed as one big art piece.
We talked about the "regulation size" of ATCs and ACEOs (they must be 2.5" x 3.5"), and about the difference between the two. Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are ALWAYS traded. Art Cards, Editions and Originals (ACEOs) are sold.
We will sometimes mix things up this semester by doing the occasional miniature work (something 5" x 7" or smaller). These projects often take more time, and are not traded.

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