Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rock (Clay!), Paper, Scissors . . . And the VALUE of WEDGING

This week's images come from the Art from Paper and Mixed Media classes . . .

Students in Art from Paper (Tuesday) created the wonderful cutout works you see here. First they drew images on a piece of paper, making sure that each element of the work was somehow connected to the outer "frame" of paper. Then they cut out the negative space to reveal the image. Once this was done, the image was attached to another piece of paper to help reveal the image!

The Wednesday class began work on Self-Portraits, created entirely from paper. As soon as they're finished, they'll be revealed here, so be sure to check back!

Explorations in Art (1st -3rd) students learned about the term, Value (one of the Elements of Art), and began work on Value drawings! More on this VALUABLE 
lesson later, when the works are finished, and photos are ready for posting!

The 4th through 6th grade Explorations in Art students continue their work on the Book of Kells. I've been promising photos for a while, but they're not ready just yet. When the works are done, they'll be titled, and each artist will create an 
to accompany the piece. A great deal of thought has already gone into this assignment, so be sure to check back next week!

Mixed Media students finished their previous work on woven paintings, featured here. This was no easy task! First the paintings had to be created (two for each student), then the warp and weft lines were drawn on the back of each, and numbered to keep them in proper order for weaving. 

It was well worth the time and effort, though, because each student had a beautiful abstract (or optical illusion!) piece to take home.

Ceramics I students learned the crucial lesson of 
Each young ceramic artist began with a block of clay that was too hard to work. By the end of class, each one had a "ball of buttah" (not butter, because buttah is better than butter!), which they'll use next week!

A variety of projects are under way in Ceramics II, where the current project is "Student Choice." 

Drawing and Painting students continued their work with watercolors, and a couple of students brought back some color wheel mosaics worksheets that I gave them to do for fun. Good work, Ella and Chloe!

Thank you to KeithDiego and Roman, who both brought in examples of Horror Vacui! Each received an ATC to add to their growing collection. Good work, Guys! Now, are you all ready for this week's web challenge? Yes? Well, then,for the week of October 13 through 15th, bring in the following . . .

. . . find out* what the 
Spiral Jetty 
is and who created it. Then, find some information on 
Andy Goldsworthy
and figure out how his art works relate to the Spiral Jetty. This is a two-part question, but both parts are closely related. You should be able to sum it up in one sentence. Print out a picture of the Spiral Jetty, and one work of Goldsworthy's. 
You'll enjoy this one!
Bring in the above, and you'll receive your own ATC (Artist Trading Card). Who ever has the most assignment-related ATCs at the end of the semester will receive a 1st prize gift (art!). A 2nd prize will also be awarded, so get busy! And have fun!

*Remember: Anytime you're doing an online search, your parent or other responsible adult must be present. No exceptions!

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