Saturday, October 3, 2009

Farewell Good Friends, We'll Miss You!

This past week we said goodbye to Bodee, Bryce, and Brock, who will soon start a new life in Florida. While I never had the opportunity to work with Brock, I'm certain that he shares the talent of his two older brothers, Bryce and Bodee. We'll miss you guys! Bodee and  Bryce, keep up with your artwork. You're both very talented artists!

In Mixed Media class this past week, we worked on woven paintings. Below is a fine example, created by Nathan. Good work, Nathan! Your grids within the grids are particularly impressive!

In Art From Paper class we created, well, art from paper! Cynthia made this very whimsical Lady Bug artwork from two different colored papers. She pointed out that, from this view (below) it looks like a bug soaking up the Sunshine. Turn it completely around, though, and it's doing a nose dive into grass! Now THAT'S thinking outside the box!

Students who take Explorations in Art (1st through 3rd) returned to the color wheel this past week and explored the use of color through mosaics

As you can see, this project was interpreted in a number of different ways. Kaylyn, above, used large blocks of color to fill in the pieces of the pie, while another classmate pulled colors from a bigger mix and added them to the page . . .

And at least one young artist, Ike, took such great care to completely fill the field, that he wasn't able to complete it during class. That's okay, though! Great art often takes time! It'll be fun to see this when it's finished! Great work, Ike!

In Drawing and Painting class, we had fun with some free-form work: paint what you like! Below is an "action" shot of painters at work . . .

And such beautiful work, too!

Sisters, Ella and Chloe, created the works you see here. Ella used a mostly "cool" palette to create the work above. Can you find the tree in the painting? Chloe's painting is filled with lots of little details. How many different things do you see? Clearly, both girls are dedicated to their art! 
Great work!

Last week I promised you a sneak peek at the whistles being made in Ceramics II. Well, here they are! This was one tricky project. Don't believe me? Well, then, ask someone who takes the class! This two week project began with making the sphere, then adding the mouthpiece. Once that was attached, the necessary whistle hole needed to be cut and then "tweaked" numerous times until the whistle would actually whistle. But it worked! Each whistle has it's own distinctive sound, and is decorated with it's own unique surface design. We can't wait until these get fired!

We had a lot of fun in Ceramics I this past week, too! Ceramic artists carefully built "paper ball shooters." Starting with the "head" and then working on the "body," ceramic artists wrapped felt-tipped markers with clay, and then added features like legs, tails, etc. Once we were finished, the markers were carefully removed to reveal the inner chamber. Below are just a few of the many creative designs from class. 

Have you ever seen ceramic art that looked happier?  : )

Work continues with the Book of Kells project in Explorations in Art (4th - 6th). At least one of the classes is near completion of this project, so I expect to have photos soon! Maybe even next week, so stay tuned! These amazing works are not to be missed! 

Le Guitariste, 1910, by Pablo Picasso (above), an example of Analytical Cubism
Still Life with Fruit Dish and Mandolin, 1919, oil on canvas, by Juan Gris (below), an example of Synthetic Cubism

Last week I challenged you to find the two types of Cubism, and several students came through! Congratulations to Rebecca, Zoe, Roman, Keith, and Diego! You all correctly identified Analytical Cubism and Synthetic Cubism as the two distinct types! AND you all earned an ATC! 
Are you ready to win another ATC? If so, then here's the challenge for the week of October 6th through 8th:

Do a search* to find out what the art term 
horror vacui 
means, and bring in at least two very different examples (different artists or cultures) that demonstrate horror vacui. Hint: if you're in Explorations (4th-6th) you already know what this is, without having put a name on it yet! 
Have Fun!
Bring your examples to class to receive your winning ATC! Remember: The student with the MOST web challenge ATCs at the end of the semester wins a
*Remember: Anytime you're doing an online search, your parent or other responsible adult must be present. 

No exceptions!

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