Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Butterflies and Snow!

What a short week this was! Sadly, there's not much to report, though I do have some beautiful butterfly images to share! Kids in Explorations in Art (1st -  3rd) created butterflies to donate to The Butterfly Project, an exhibit that will take place in the Spring of 2012 at Houston's Holocaust Museum.

We'll continue to work on butterflies throughout the entire school year, in both locations, so rest assured that you'll see many more of these beautiful creations in the future!

Well, it finally happened: The Big Snow! Jeffco announced early this morning that all schools would be closed. Hopefully, you're finding some time to go out and frolic, and perhaps build a snowman, snow woman, or an entire snow family! There's certainly enough of that fluffy white stuff out there to accommodate quite a crowd of snow creatures!

I found the image below, online, and it really inspired me! Maybe it will inspire you, too!

In lieu of this very short week, and the absence of opportunity for students to complete the web challenge, we'll repeat the challenge from the previous week's entry. Be sure to scroll down and read about La Gioconda. Also, please note that you have an opportunity to receive TWO ATCs for completing this assignment!

Enjoy your long weekend, Everyone! Remember to bring in your web challenge assignments next week. I'll be busy making ATCs for all you hard working artists! :)

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