Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Week of School

We had a very successful first week of school. It was nice to see so many familiar faces from last year, and meet quite a few new ones!

This week, in recap:

ATCs, ACEOs, and Art in Miniature
Students made mini-portfolios to store this semester's artwork. Afterward, we had time to make a few ATCs and then trade them at the end of class. Remember: ATCs & ACEOs are ALWAYS 2-1/2" x 3-1/2". It's the law :)

 Explorations in Art (6-9 and 9+)
Our first project this week was creating portfolios (medium size!) to store the semester's artwork. Once this was done, each student completed a Color Wheel by filling in the Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, and Teritary Colors.

Afterward, students used color paddles to experiment with some good old fashioned Color Theory!

This was all in preparation for next week's lesson on COLOR. We'll be discussing (critiquing, comparing, contrasting) several famous works of art, with the focus being on color.
Ceramics I
In the beginning Ceramics class, we took a field trip to check out the clay traps in the bathroom, learned all about the tools we'll be using, and assigned work boards and board storage for each student. 
  • Remember kids: Bring your work shirt to school next week. You'll need it to protect your clothes!

Ceramics II
In Ceramics II, students helped to organize our materials, were assigned work boards & storage, and then we spent some time talking about our goals for this semester. 

Students in Ceramics II have a weekend assignment:
  • Do some serious thinking about what you want to create. Find or sketch a picture of your idea, and bring it to class with you next week for our first "wet clay day."
  • Bring your work shirt to school next week. You'll need it to protect your clothes!


TwoBoysMom said...

Zac was telling me all about the clay trap tonight ~~ I had no idea :D
He's REALLY excited about making something next week! :)

Robin Jamison Hernandez said...

So happy to hear that, Kim! It's going to be a fun semester! :)