Thursday, January 14, 2010

Open House & Art Show, Part III: Thursday in Evergreen

Once again, the Art Show was something to see!

Every square inch of every available table was covered (and there were a LOT of tables!). Students in every art class submitted at least one piece, and many had two or more on display.

The works featured here are from 
Drawing & Painting,
Mixed Media, and
Explorations in Art I and II

Today was a bit hectic: Students worked furiously to finish existing works in progress . . .

. . . and many Mixed Media artists started AND finished "found object" sculptures during today's class, from materials they've been gathering the past 6 weeks!

Miss April's Drama and Creative Movement students put on quite a show 
(Hollywood will likely be in touch with a few!)

And Mr. Callahan's Music student's 
entertained us with songs.
Cooking students worked all morning making delicious 
hors d'ouvres and crudite platters.

Miss Becky's Science and Jewelry students also displayed an impressive variety of works. The jewelry boxes and cells really caught my eye, so I couldn't resist getting detail shots (below).

It was a fun and eventful day! 
Now we can all reflect a bit and start gearing up for Semester 2
Remember, kids: Next week we begin All New Classes! 
Have a Great Weekend, and thanks again to all the students for a job well done. You should be proud of yourselves!

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