Saturday, January 9, 2010

End of 1st Semester, and Web Challenge Winners!

This past week students in every class began preparations for the end of the semester, and for Art Show entries.

Remember that the 
Art Show is this coming week, so if I've asked you to bring something in for the show, please do!

The images here are from our final December 2009 classes. 
In each class, each day, we created 
art from recycled materials!

The beautiful "tondo" works featured in today's post were created from junk mail CDs. Students worked hard to create these gorgeous little works of art.

The shiny side was left as is, so that it can reflect light! 
Just imagine how beautiful these look, 
catching and bouncing light around students' homes! 
Great work, Everyone!

And speaking of great work . . . it's time to announce the winners of the 1st semester web challenges. I'd planned to hand out 1st and 2nd place prizes for each day (Tuesday through Thursday, which is 6 prizes total), but only the Tuesday and Wednesday students chose to participate.

Therefore, I'll combine both days (Tuesday and Wednesday) as one big group, and there will be 6 winners over the two days combined. The prizes will be awarded based on the number of web challenges completed by each student. This seemed the fairest way to hand out prizes. 

So, with no further ado, the winners are:
1st Prize: Keith (Wednesday)
2nd Prize: Parker (Wednesday)
3rd Prize: Tavia (Wednesday)
4th Prize: Morgan (Wednesday)
5th Prize: Diego (Tuesday)
6th Prize: Roman (Tuesday)
So, beginning with Keith, and going down the list, each student will decide which prize is theirs.
Following is a photo of the ART prizes, along with a brief description :)

(The ruler is there for scale only)
Cow Parade, New York: The Cows, The Artists, The Spectacle, (book) by Thomas Craughwell
Cat Figurine, carved from lapis lazuli 
Native Inspiration, pinch pot (ceramic)
Green Bird Whistle, ceramic and acrylic paint
Woo-Hoo, Boo-Hoo Bear (finger puppet), ceramic and acrylic paint
Cat Figurine, carved from agate
Thanks to all students who participated in the web challenges! Be sure to participate again next semester!
Once the 1st through 4th prizes have been awarded (on Wednesday), I'll bring what's left the following Tuesday for the 5th and 6th prize winners. Congratulations again to all the winners! Great job!

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