Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inspired Ceramics

Happy Summer, Everyone!

Many of you already know that much of my work was published in the Visual Arts textbook a while back. I was flattered and happy to share my work with students in Western Australia, where this textbook is in use during the school year.
Recently I received an email from Lynda Kuntyj (one of the authors) with a photo attached. The subject of the email was "Inspired Ceramics" and the photo shows a bowl full of pots that were inspired by my "mouth of the pot" series:
The quality of the photo isn't the greatest (no offense, Lynda!), but you get the idea. Seeing the variety of expressions on these little pots just makes me smile.

A few of the published works are featured here, so you can see what inspired the students. Above: Talking Pot. Below: Say "Ah" Pot.
Above: Whistle Pot. Below: Pomegranate Pot.
Chuck Pot (below) was so named because the nose resembled that of my friend, Theresa Knight McFadden's husband, Chuck :)
Inspiration for art is all around us--in language (as in the mouth of a pot), on the street, in the newspaper, everywhere! Be mindful when you're out and about. You may just get inspired to create something wonderful!

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