Saturday, December 11, 2010

Murals, Mixed Media Miniatures, and Last Wet Clay Day!

We continued our work with mixed media collage in ATCs, ACEOs, and Art in Miniature this past week. Students created colorful backgrounds, and then attached cutouts from magazines to create fun and whimsical mixed media miniatures . . .
Best Buy by Rylee, Mixed Media Miniature
These were a lot of fun to create, and will be displayed inside student portfolios at the end-of-semester Art Show. Don't miss it!
 More mixed media miniatures!
We continued our tour through Art History and The Gallery when we viewed and discussed the art (and history!) of Murals. Students learned about the various materials used to create murals, beginning in pre-history and continuing through modern times.
Woman Playing the Kithara, c. 40-30 B.C., Roman Mural
Following our discussion and gallery tour, young artists set about making a group mural. While we couldn't do "real" murals, which would require applying our creative talents to the walls of our classroom . . .
Running Horses from Cave of Lascaux 
About 17,000 years old! (France) Mural.
. . . We did the next best thing: Collaborated and worked on a VERY LARGE sheet of paper!
The History of Medicine in Mexico (1953), Mural by Diego Rivera
The "murals" themselves will be displayed in the hallways during the Art Show, but following is a Sneak Peek of what you'll see:
In all Ceramics classes, we wrapped up our production work during "Last Wet Clay Day" this past week. Because we will only have two more "working" classes before the art show, all of the wares need sufficient time to dry and get fired before the end of the semester.
Head from a Chinese Wall Painting, Yuan Dynasty 
(c. 1271-1368) Mural.
Miss Bobbi sent an email to all of the parents, 
but here's another reminder: 
Please bring in all fired works next week! 
We'll be glazing and painting works during the next 2 class periods in preparation for the Art Show.
Primavera di Stabiae, Rome (c. 89 B.C. - 79 A.D.) Mural.
One more reminder: The coming week will be our last week of classes before Winter Break, and we won't return until 2011! Wow, this year has gone by FAST! :)

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