Sunday, May 2, 2010

Operation: Art Show, and the Art of Jim Rowe

For the next 3 weeks, we'll be in 
Operation: Art Show 
mode, which means that most of the work being created in class will be  shown in the Open House/Art Show during the last week of this month. Hence, I won't be posting a lot of photos here. Instead, let's take some time to review what we'll be doing for the next 3 weeks . . .
Lily, Age 6, has been working on her bookmark for many, many weeks! Didn't she do a fantastic job? (above)
During May 4th through 6th:
All Classes: Continue with/finish current work . . .
Fiber Arts (Tues): We'll start weaving with different materials (cane, reed, sea grass). There will be 2 different projects. Younger students will create a simple(ish) work, while older students tackle a harder project.
Fiber Arts (Wed): We will finish our large weavings over the next several weeks. Students who would like to "bead" the edges of their works will get a chance to do this. Also, anyone who would prefer to add a wooden hanger (rather than beads) should let me know before the last day of school :)
Drawing and Painting (Tues/Wed): We will continue work on our Gestalt piece. The goal for this week is to finish whatever medium you need to finish (oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic).
Portraits (Tues/Wed): We will continue to refine our portrait drawing skills. Students should put their work into chronological order (in your portfolios). Each artist has been asked to identify their "first" portrait and their "best" portrait to display, diptych-style, in the art show. The best may be yet to come, so art show entries won't be put together until later.
Ceramics I and II (Tues/Wed): Over the next 3 weeks, our wares will be bisque fired and returned to HSC. We'll spend our class time glazing and painting our creations.
Drawing and Printmaking I and II (Thurs): We will continue finishing work in our portfolios, and picking entries for the art show. If you've come up with a title for your work, please let me  know!
Explorations in Art I and II: No class this week! Enjoy your field trip to My Art Workshop!
After finishing some Art Show entries, Nathan M. and Morgan F. had some fun during the last few minutes of class (above)
May 11th through 13th:
All Classes to Continue with Present Work in Progress!
See above for details! Otherwise:
Drawing and Painting (Tues/Wed): We will continue work on our Gestalt piece. The goal for this week is to finish whatever medium you need to finish (oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic), and to start thinking about a title for your work. Miss Heather and I will help you to re-attach your pieces. Those who are ready will use one medium (probably acrylics) to "tie" the three pieces together.
Explorations in Art I and II: This week we will discuss, compare and contrast, and critique a number of Abstract works, then create our own!
May 12th (Wed): Field trip to Pump It Up! Classes dismiss at 11:55 (immediately following Portraits class).
Several students in Tuesday's Fiber Arts class found time to do a second weaving! (above)
May 18th through 20th:
All Classes to Continue with Present Work in Progress!
See above for details! Otherwise:
Explorations in Art I and II: We will discuss American Indian Art, and then create a woven piece (Navajo inspired!) with paper. I have some beautiful papers to choose from, so this will be loads of fun!
All work in every class will (hopefully!) be complete at this point. We will decide which pieces to put into the Art Show (1 per student per class), and students will choose a title for their work. 
This week's van Gogh award goes to Nathan in Evergreen! Nathan's "untitled" work reminds me of a fence:

Great work, Nathan!
May 25th through 27th:
There will be lots going on this week! The most important thing is that we will be setting up the Art Show! All work will be mounted, labeled, and hung for the show. Once this is done, we'll spend our time cleaning out and organizing the art cabinets, cleaning up the clay tools and work boards, playing Art Games, and doing "free draw." :)
Cow in Leather, by Jim Rowe
This week's featured artist is 
Jim Rowe, a Canadian artist and illustrator.
The Fisherman, by Jim Rowe
Jim is entirely a self-taught artist, whose work falls into the category of "Outsider Art."
Care-Giver, by Jim Rowe
Jim states that, "The subject matter of my work is a study of myself and my interaction with my environment. I am able to uncover and symbolically sort out what is happening and how it affects me, through doodling. It is a form of automatic writing, only it is automatic drawing."
The Goaltender, by Jim Rowe

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