Saturday, April 17, 2010

Art, Lookout Mountain, and the Work of Erica Smith

Before we look at photos from last week’s classes, I’d like to take moment to remind students of a few things. First, there are only 6 more weeks of school, which means that any “works-in-progress” will need to be completed before we break for summer. Second, we will have only 2 more “wet clay” classes in ceramics. The reason for this is that our works will need time to become “bone dry” before they are bisque fired. After the initial firing, some wares will need to be glazed and returned to Woodrow for an additional firing. Also, a number of works will be painted (with acrylics) during class once we run out of “wet clay” time. Finally, because our last official day of class is also the last day of the semester, students in each class will be assisting with the Art Show setup! This means that there are really only 5 weeks of actual art making!
Students in Fiber Arts have been working on a variety of projects. Tuesday students have been working on a “student choice” project. Some are making bookmarks, some are working on slightly larger weavings, and a few are making friendship bracelets. Photos will be published here when the works are done, but in the meantime one artist, Natalie (an experienced bracelet maker!), finished her friendship bracelet in record time.
Portrait students (Tues) spent the class time exercising their eye muscles by doing “blind contour line” drawings of fellow classmates. By looking ONLY at their subject (not at the paper!), students concentrated on shape, silhouette, position, etc.
Thursday Drawing and Printmaking students continued work with oil pastels. Clearly, the theme of the day was Rainbows! Aren’t these beautiful?
 We had a short day on Thursday, because Evergreen students enjoyed a field trip to Lookout Mountain. We learned all about native flora and fauna, took photos, hiked, and enjoyed one of the most beautiful days we’ve seen in a very long time! The 1st - 3rd grade students took turns using 4 very nice digital cameras (compliments of our tour guide, Jim), and shot some incredible photos!
  It Looks Deep, Self-Portrait by Erica Smith
Which inspires the featured artist for this week, 
Great-Grandma Laughing, by Erica Smith
Erica is a photographer who grew up in Washington DC, but now lives in Denver, CO.
Stanley Mines, by Erica Smith
Erica always strives to find a unique angle when shooting a photo. She likes to give the viewer an "unexpected" image.
Four Flies on the Window Sill, by Erica Smith
Erica considers no subject to be insignificant (as above).
Four Generations, by Erica Smith
And when shooting a portrait, or self-portrait, she endeavors to make the finished photo a work of art.
Classic, by Erica Smith
Erica's formal eduction in photography focused on traditional darkroom work. She doesn't use a digital camera . . . 
Down the Stairs, Self-Portrait by Erica Smith
. . . and prides herself on using the camera to "crop" the image, rather than a computer.
Giraffa Camelopardalis, by Erica Smith

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