Sunday, March 28, 2010

Signs of Spring

Spring has Sprung . . . 
. . . and hopefully you're enjoying your Spring Break! We got one last blast of snow from Ol' Man Winter, and school was closed on  Wednesday as a result. Surely, though, all you kids made the most of it, and built snow people, or spent some quality time Making Art! This week's photo contributions start with Drawing and Printmaking (4th - 6th) in Evergreen. The works featured below were created by Morgan and Nathan, and represent the current projects from both printmaking classes. We started with blocks of styrofoam, which were then altered to make printing blocks. After the initial altering, students made practice prints, and then "tweaked" the blocks several times until they were able to make a print that suited their artistic aesthetic. This was quite a learning process!
Can you believe that the "Artist's Proofs" (A/P) you see above started out with pieces of styrofoam that look like this:
In the 1st - 3rd class, the focus this week was on Drawing, and more specifically, drawing Signs of Spring! We started with a brainstorming session, where students came up with key words that represented Spring. Once the board was covered with descriptive words, young artists set about creating their own visions of Spring . . .
Blue skies, sunshine, rainbows, butterflies . . .
. . . flowers blooming, signs of growth and renewal . . . very happy pictures, indeed!
In Westminster, the Tuesday Fiber Arts class finished their Ojo de Dios weavings, and did a fantastic job! Each one is unique. Students started with two 12" dowels, tied together to make an "X" shape . . .
. . . then they started the weavings from the center  and continued weaving toward the ends of the dowels . . .
. . . once the dowels were fully covered, we tied a length of yarn across the back so that they could be hung at home. Arent' they GORGEOUS?!
Before we learn about your Spring Break web challenges (that's right, there's more than one!), let's take a moment to recognize this week's van Gogh award recipient!
For creating art above and beyond the call of duty, the award goes to Nathan in Evergreen, for his beautifully articulated picture of a turtle, and his work on an ATC that he did at home! Great work, Nathan!

During Spring Break, you'll have a chance to win THREE ATCs! You can choose to do one, two, or all three--it's up to you. Remember that whoever has the most ATCs by the end of the semester will have a chance to win a really cool art prize! To be eligible, though, a student MUST have completed a minimum of FIVE WEB CHALLENGES (that's 5 ATCs from me). You can win THREE by doing all of the challenges below:
1. In lieu of "pajama day" this past week, pick your favorite ILLUSTRATED bedtime story. Find the name of the person who illustrated the book, and do a search* to find out about their art training or background. Bring me the name of the person, the name of the story they illustrated, and a small paragraph about their art training/background. I'd REALLY LOVE it if you also brought in the book, but that's up to you (entirely optional). Remember: this challenge requires 3 bits of information, as outlined above. 
2. Ask your parents about your heritage. Where did your ancestors originate? What country? Many of us have mixed heritages, so you can pick just one. Next, do a search* to find an artist who represents that country. Print out a picture of their work, and also a small paragraph about the artist. This paragraph might include their current country of residence (or origin!), a bit about their training, their chosen medium, and/or where a person might go to see their work in person. Remember: this challenge requires 3 bits of information, as outlined above. 
3. What is your favorite art class? Fiber Arts? Drawing and Painting? Drawing and Printmaking? Portraits? Perhaps it's a class that you took last year at HSC, or have taken privately. Whatever your answer, here's the challenge: Create something in that medium (drawing, painting, weaving, etc). Be sure to do your best work, and give it a title. Write a paragraph describing the work you created: the medium you used, what inspired you, why you like the particular class that you've chosen as your favorite, etc. Be sure to bring both your art, and your written assignment to class. Remember: this challenge requires 2 bits of information, as outlined above. 

You may do one, two, or all three of these challenges to win one, two, or three ATCs. It's up to you! Be sure to follow the directions for each one, and keep in mind that each challenge has several things that you must do! Bring your challenge(s) to me on the first day of school after Spring Break:
April 6, 7, or 8

*Remember: Anytime you're doing an online search, your parent or other responsible adult must be present. No exceptions!

When I receive your completed challenge(s)**, 
you'll receive your ATC(s)!

**Because this is a completely optional, the information for each challenge must be presented to me the week it is due. This keeps things fair for those who work hard to find the answers and turn them in on time. Whoever has the most assignment-related ATCs by the end of the semester will win a REALLY COOL ART PRIZE. A 2nd place prize will also be awarded. There will be a first and second prize for each school day, so get busy! To be eligible for any prize, you MUST have completed a minimum of FIVE (5) web challenges.
Have a fun break! I'll see you in April! :)

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