Sunday, November 15, 2009

Contour Lines, Mandalas, and More Origami!

This past week was so much fun! We got more (fired!) ceramics back from Woodrow, and kids in both Ceramics classes got to glaze their works. As soon as the glaze firing is complete, I'll be sure to post photos. We had some gorgeous colors to choose from, so be sure to check back in a week or two to see them! You'll not be disappointed, I promise!

The weather was so beautiful in Evergreen on Thursday that we decided to spend some time outside in the fresh air. Students in Drawing and Painting class learned how to do a contour line drawing, and they did some amazing work (see above)!
In Explorations in Art, we talked about the qualities and meaning of the Mandala, and which elements to include in one to make it visually interesting, and meaningful, to the artist and viewer.

We'll be working on our mandalas for at least two weeks. Above is a sampling of detailed drawings (the first step!) that students worked on this past week. The variety of styles and details is very impressive! It'll be fun to see these works in their finished state (complete with color!). Each of these is about a foot in diameter, so that's quite a bit of drawing! 
Great work!

In Art From Paper, we continued our work with Origami. This has been lots of fun, so we'll continue until we're able to master a few more patterns. Above we have ladybugs, twirling birds, a boat, two lotus flowers, and a bunny head. Below are more twirling birds, a horse, a tortoise, and a snapper. 
Pretty Cool!

I'd like to thank Arthur for directing me to a really great place to find origami designs, AND for helping all of us to figure them out! THANKS, ARTHUR!

Once again it's time to hand out the van Gogh award for 
dedication to the arts!

AND, once again, it's going to Acacia! 
Congratulations, Acacia!
Acacia dedicated a great deal of her personal time working on the beautiful craft projects you see below. 
Such dedication and talent!
Thank you again, Acacia. You Rock!! :)

The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and there's still time to earn your ATC prizes! Last week two students, Keith and Tavia, correctly identified Norman Rockwell as the mystery artist in the web challenge, and each received an ATC to add to their growing collections! 
Great work, Tavia and Keith! 

Norman Rockwell, Freedom From Want, 1943
If you'd like to win an ATC to add to your collection, and want a chance to win the BIG PRIZE at the end of the semester, here's what you need to do: 
For the week of November 17th - 19th:
Do a search* and find out what the art term "tondo" means, and where the term originated. Also, tell me how a tondo mimics, or is marginally related to, a Mandala 
(this part is easy!).
If possible, print out a copy of a tondo that particularly appeals to you, and tell me what you like about it! My personal favorite is at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC :)
*Remember: Anytime you're doing an online search, your parent or other responsible adult must be present. No exceptions!

Bring me this information and you'll get an ATC to add to your collection! 
Whoever has the most assignment-related ATCs by the end of the semester will win a REALLY COOL PRIZE. A 2nd place prize will also be awarded. There will be a first and second prize for each school day, so get busy! Go find that art term! 
And remember to bring the assignment to school!!!!
During the Thanksgiving holiday, you'll have an opportunity to earn MULTIPLE ATCs! If you've missed out on previous web challenges, this is a chance to put yourself into the running for the end-of-semester prizes! So, be sure to check back here during the holiday! 

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