Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome Back, Part II

In Sculpture class last year, the students used recycled materials to make gorgeous, transparent sculptural cylinders. Once finished, we lined them up in a window to appreciate the final results.
After burnishing and firing pinch pots, the young ceramic artists used pigmented waxes to decorate their wares. This year we'll have glazes to work with!

The first firing of the semester was solely pinch pots. The ones featured, above and below, demonstrate the use of the polychrome (many colors) for decorating the pots. Students who also attended  Cultures of the World were already familiar with this decorative technique, because we discussed it when we learned about Native  American pottery. It's always nice when we can tie lessons together!

All of the following photos are from the final semester's Art Show and open house. 
The Drawing & Painting students each created a mixed media work for the Art Show.
Students had a variety of materials to choose from, and made their decisions based on what they liked best . . .
The only "rule" for this final work was that they use at least two mediums to create their masterpiece.
Students also titled their works according to the subject . . .
Ceramics and Sculpture students created place mats to display their 3-dimensional works . . .
Works featured here include pinch pots, coil pots, slab pots, "slam" pots, and animalitos.

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